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Puppy Testimonials

Kind words from happy owners of a Fair Haven Farm Great Pyrenees!

Hadara Gila

We bought Hadara from Heart of the North Pyrenees at Fair Haven Farm on March 25th, 2023. She has a calm gentle nature which is perfect for our family. She was groomed and all cleaned up on pick-up day and was able to spend time with her mom before leaving. Dave and Jana Isaac and family are one of a kind; they really put a lot of love into the upbringing of these puppies. It’s been an honor to be in connection with them. Upon bringing her home, we had a kennel that she used the first night but prefers to sleep on the floor next to the couch. We can proudly say she was house-trained right away, all thanks to the family for doing the Misty Method potty training. She is used to being outside since that’s where they spend their nights on the farm with their mom, so she knew instinctively to whine to go outside to potty. I can see only using the kennel for her in the house if we all leave at once, while she is little, but on day 2 of having her, we immediately put up fencing around the back of the house just so she could do what she does: sit, observe, protect and feel free. She’s very well-behaved for a puppy.

Hadara Gila

The family has been pleasant all around to work with as far as communicating and providing us with information on the nature of the dogs since we have never owned a Great Pyrenees, along with literature about the feeding schedule and anything we would need to know about these great dogs. Honestly, Google was a bit deceiving as far as expectations, Jana has provided links for us to investigate that provided more clear and precise information about these dogs, and now owning a Great Pyrenees for the first time is better than we could’ve imagined! The videos of other farms that owned Great Pyrs stated how much they were the best dogs ever, and we can see that now, and we are so happy we jumped on the opportunity to buy from Heart of the North Pyrenees, all thanks to a humble referral. We are dedicated to raising her and training her with full respect for the guardian-style lifestyle.

On day 3 I brought her for a walk when the kids were busy just Her and I with no leash and she walked right beside/slightly behind me the entire time, with no issues. Very well behaved, very obedient at only 10 weeks old. We couldn’t be more impressed with the care she received at the farm. From the testing to the vet checkups, and the way they selected the male to breed with Shalom the mom, these puppies really come from an honorable bloodline. The LORD has put this family in our path, and we are forever grateful and beyond in love with Hadara Gila. Jana really takes into consideration your application to select the right pup that will fit right into your lifestyle. Thank you times a million HEART OF THE NORTH PYRENEES at FAIR HAVEN FARM!

The Gossel Family

Hadara Gila with her family on pick-up day!